Monday 21st of March 2022 05:23:24 AM

AstraZeneca says antibody therapy neutralized Omicron subvariants in preclinical tests

AstraZeneca production plant Roland Magnusson/iStock Editorial via Getty Images
  • COVID-19 antibody therapy, Evusheld developed by AstraZeneca (NASDAQ:AZN), has retained neutralizing activity against all Omicron subvariants including BA.2 subvariant tested in the pre-clinical studies involving mice.
  • In addition, the in-vivo data from the Omicron-infected mice showed that Evusheld led to a decline in viral burden and contained the inflammation of lungs affected by all three subvariants.
  • The study, results of which are yet to undergo peer review, was designed to evaluate Evusheld in pre-exposure prophylaxis (prevention) of COVID-19.
  • “The findings further support EVUSHELD as a potential important option to help protect vulnerable patients such as the immunocompromised who (FREEW) could face poor outcomes if they were to become infected with COVID-19,” remarked John Perez, Astra’s (AZN) Head of Late Development, Vaccines & Immune Therapies.
  • Evusheld a combination of antibodies, tixagevimab cilgavimab was cleared by the U.S. FDA in late-2021 for the prevention of COVID-19 in medically vulnerable individuals aged 12 years and older.


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